Safe Shopping Guarantees

  1. Your personal information will be properly safeguarded. We're committed to earning and preserving your trust and you can be assured that we will safeguard your personal information. Under no circumstances will we disclose or share your information with any unauthorized third party, and even the information we must share with the merchants from whom you purchase (so they can fulfil your order) will be encrypted for added protection.


  1. Every Customer Service representative is trustworthy and dedicated to serving you. All employees at Driveaudio UK Ltd have been carefully screened. Whether their brand is well known to you or one you hadn't yet discovered, they've all passed our stringent quality review process. So, you can be confident that the products you order will arrive when promised and be exactly as described, and that each merchant will be responsive to your customer service needs.


When purchasing from the Web, one of the things to prevent getting mislead by Companies claiming to be something that there not, or even companies claiming to be somewhere there not, like UK for instance is to check with Companies House and see if the company is registered and trading.

Contact details:

Also a clean website with a company address and more important a contact number to call if you need to speak with someone.


Its always an idea if possable to look for a website offering a showroom or sometihng open to the public, if possable drop in. An appointment maybe required in some cases.


Look at referances, check the internet for Reviews, Customer servays and more important customer comments. Google is a very good saurce to checout the company you aim to purchase from.

IF IN DOU'T, CALL SOMEONE, speak with a member of staff. let them know your intentions, stock, fitting or install, aditional costs if any.... Get as much information as you can, a little reasurch goes a long way.