DriveAudio 15.6" HDMI, USB, SD Overhead Roof mounted screen. Maximize

DriveAudio 15.6" HDMI, USB, SD Overhead Roof mounted screen.

DriveAudio 15.6" HDMI, USB, SD Overhead Roof mounted screen.

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DriveAudio 15.6" HDMI, USB, SD Overhead Roof mounted screen.


15.6" HD Digital TFT Monitor ultra thin Touch Panel Car Roof Player with HDMI, USB, SD card inputs. 

PLEASE NOTE: NO DVD drive on this unit. 

Comes with a pair of plain black IR Headphones.



15.6" 1080P Video HD Digital TFT Monitor Ultra-thin Car Roof Mounted with HDMI Port.

Colour: Black.

15.6" HD Screen (1920*1080 )

Ultra-thin compact 

Support 1080P Video

180° Rotating Screen

Built-in HDMI Port

Supports Positive & Negative Door Control

Blue atmospheric LED Light Bar

Support IR/FM


15.6" FHD Screen (16:9, 1920*1080)
Built-in HDMI
180° Rotating Screen 
1080P Video
Supports Positive & Negative Door Control

Clear FHD Display
Equipped with a stunning 15.6 inch FHD display, the unit portraits vivid colours in high detail so you or your passengers can enjoy their favourite media. Bring your pictures and movies to life in breathtaking 1080p resolution.

Resolution: 1920*1080.

Sleek and Elegant Touch Panel
With our exclusive touch button design we have made it easier for you to operate the unit. It has also allowed us to make it thinner and appears much more elegant, helping it not just to blend in with your vehicles interior but to enhance it.

180° Max Open Angle
The monitor can be opened up to an angle of 180°, ensuring maximum viewing position for passengers and usability in the vehicle.

Media Choices
With USB, SD card and HDMI input featured on this monitor, you can enjoy multiple endless entertainment even on the road.

Built-in HDMI 
Enjoy Your Games
With the built-in HDMI port and a simple connection between your mobile phone and the unit, you can enjoy your games on a new level.
Video Sharing
With the built-in HDMI port, your movies and music on your phone can be shared with everyone you are traveling with.
Note: The HDMI cable is not included. 

USB & SD (Max Compatibility: 32GB)
Expand your media choices by plugging your USB stick or SD card into this unit to play music, video or view photos.

1080p Video
Gone are the days of lagging or choppy video playback. The unit always plays full 1080p HD videos smoothly, with vibrant colours and sharper images.

Blue Atmospheric LED Light Bar
Equipped with high quality LED light bars, you will enjoy a gorgeous lit atmosphere inside your vehicle at night.

Positive & Negative Door Control
If your car has either a positive or negative door control wire, the lights on this unit can be automatically turned on or off depending on door status.
(The light of this unit will replace your existing roof light.)

A Variety of Sound Out Choices
With built-in infrared & FM transmitter, you can pick the most suitable option on how to output sound from the units.
1. Choice 1: Built-in IR Transmitter
The IR transmitter allows you to enjoy audio files with wireless headphones. It supports dual channel (A & B) wireless infrared headphones. 
A: 2.3 - 2.8MHz B: 3.2 - 3.8MHz
2x IR headphones are included, 
2. Choice 2: Built-in FM Transmitter 
The FM transmitter can send the audio signal from the headrest to the other radio receiver (car stereo), then you can share the audio with other people.
9 Available Frequencies: 87.7, 88.1, 88.5, 88.9, 106.7, 107.1, 107.5, 107.9 OFF

Open Size: 555*435*33mm
Fold Size: 435*320*33mm

1 x Remote Control
1 x User Manual
6 x Nuts

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