DriveAudio 10" DVD Overhead Roof mounted screen. Maximize

DriveAudio 10" DVD Overhead Roof mounted screen.

DriveAudio 10" DVD Overhead Roof mounted screen

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DriveAudio 10" DVD Overhead Roof mounted screen

DriveAudio 10" DVD Overhead Roof mounted screen.

10" HD Digital TFT Monitor Touch Panel Car Roof DVD Player with HDMI 

Comes with a pair of plain black IR Headphones.



HD TFT digital wide screen

Colour: Black

Touch Button

1280*800 HD Resolution

Blue LED Atmosphere Lamp 

Built-in HDMI Port

0% Current Loss 

Supports Door Control lights.

Supports 32 Bits Games

Built-in IR/FM transmitter

Built-in Double Dome LED Light

Wide Viewing Angles Available

Region Free DVD Player

Built-in HDMI Port
Sleek and elegant touch panel
Soft blue LED Atmosphere Lamp
1280*800 HD Resolution (10", 16:9)
0% current loss when left un-used
Supports positive and negative door control

Unit Type: Car Roof DVD Player

Unit Size: 10"

Resolution: 1280*800

Built-in HDMI Port: 
Enjoy Your Games
With the built-in HDMI port and a simple connection between your mobile phone and the unit, you can enjoy your games on a new level.
Video Sharing
With the built-in HDMI port, your movies and music on your phone can now be shared with everyone you're travelling with.
HDMI adaptor & HDMI connection wire (Not included)

Sleek and Elegant Touch Panel
The exclusive touch button design makes this unit easier to change to any modes whilst also making the unit more elegant and matches perfectly with the blue LED mood light.

Soft Blue LED Mood Lighting
Equipped with blue LED atmospheric lamps, it will build a gorgeous and tranquil atmosphere inside your vehicle at night. You can also adjust the light effect manually.
There are three modes available: Bright Dim OFF

Built-in Double Dome LED Light
The dual LED light makes the unit more attractive.What's more, 3 LED lights in both sides make the dome light energy conservation and durable.

Superior Visual Enhancement
Equipped with a 10" HD TFT digital wide screen, the unit will give you more pixels and a sharper image.
Resolution: 1280*800

Power Saving Design: The unit will not drain your car battery when turned off
The CR108HDS offers safety and convenience by not draining your vehicle battery while not in use, even for long periods.

Supports positive and negative door control
If your car has either a positive or negative door control wire, the lights on this unit can be automatically turned on or off depending on whether your door is opened or closed. (This unit will replace your existing roof light).

Please Note: If your vehicle's door control wire is positive, you just have to connect the TR+ wire with your vehicle's door control wire; if your vehicle's door control wire is negative, you need to connect the TR- wire with the vehicle's door control wire.
Humanized door control button design: there is a button on the unit which help you choose to enable or disable the door control function by pressing on it.

Wide Viewing Angles Available
Designed with 180°front and rear rotating display as well as left and right full angle view, which gives you a wide viewing angle no matter where you sit.

Supports 32 Bits Games
Supports 32 bits games, so you can enjoy exciting games on your journey to pass the strenuous road time.
Note: Not all game discs are compatible with this unit.

Multiple Choices for Sound Out;
Choice 1: Built-in IR Transmitter
The IR transmitter allows you to enjoy the audio files with wireless headphones. Supports dual channel(A&B)wireless infrared headphones.
A: 2.3 - 2.8MHz B: 3.2 - 3.8MHz
Choice 2: Built-in Speakers
Play audio directly from the unit.
Choice 3: Built-in FM Transmitter
The FM transmitter can send the audio signal from the over head monitor to the other radio receiver(car stereo), then you can share the audio with other people.
8 Available Frequencies
87.7MHz 87.9MHz 88.1MHz 88.3MHz 88.5MHz 88.7MHz 88.9MHz 89.1MHz

Region Free DVD Player
The DVD player is compatible with most DVDs and CDs that are available on the market.
Compatible formats: VCD CD CD-R CD-RW DVD-9 DVD±R DVD±RW  

Sharing Entertainments in the Vehicle
With AUX in and Audio Visual out, you can share audio and visual entertainments on this unit with other people or enjoy AV entertainments from other monitors on this unit.

Multi-media Choices: USB and SD

Expand your media choices by plugging your USB stick or SD card into this unit to play music, video or view photos. The maximum capacity is 32GB, but the file in the USB and SD card should be within 4GB.
Supported formats

Accessories Included:
1 x Remote Control
1 x Game Disc
1 x User Manual

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