DriveAudio DAB+ integration kit for all vehicles with USB Maximize

DriveAudio DAB+ integration kit for all vehicles with USB

DriveAudio DAB+ integration kit for all vehicles with USB. Comes with a DAB/FM Sharkfin aerial.

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DriveAudio DAB+ integration kit for all vehicles with USB* Comes with a DAB/FM Sharkfin aerial.

*Please Note: This unit requires a working USB to a DriveAudio Sat/Nav or factory fitted headunit stereo.

We can also supply a plug & Play harness (**Vehicle specific) Or we supply you with a universal harness (Cutting is required).

**Vehicle brands that are compatible with a plug & play harness;

Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Renault, Suzuki, Toyota, Vauxhall & Volkswagen.



The module allows, in few simple operations, the best integration of the DAB/DAB + digital radio.

It’s enough to install the bridge harness, supplied in the KIT, in series to the OEM or Aftermarket radio. This means that no changes to the original car wiring are required, thus to avoid Cables cuts and / or incorrect connection risks. The module connects to the radio via USB COM wiring, supplied in the KIT. Thanks to this connection, uDAB is compatible with all the radios with USB input on the market. The USB REC harness, also supplied, will allow the native USB radio function to be maintained, by inserting a USB stick user can listen to his music as before. All uDAB features are handled directly by the radio and/or steering wheel controls. DAB/DAB + radio stations will be displayed as mp3 files with TAG names of the tuned radio station.

There will also be available folders named as the various MUXs present in the coverage area. A SCAN folder will be present to manage at best the tuning of available radio stations in the area. Thanks to CRICKET TECHNOLOGY ®, channel skips do not have significant audio buffer delays, the user will have the pleasant feeling of listening to the radio as always, but with DAB/DAB + audio quality.

Same technology allows to control volume directly from the car radio. uDAB incorporates a performing amplifier providing 40W per channel in AB class. AUDIO quality, simplicity of installation and use, all to ensure maximum enjoying and high-class performance.


The kit includes:

DAB module box.

usbrec / usbcom adapters

Plug & Play harness*

German Sharkfin DAB aerial. (Replaces your factory Bee-sting/whip antenna).



Size: 120x100x39 mm
Weight: < 340 gr (without cables)
Power Input: 12 Volt
Max Power Input: 16 Volt 
Min Power Input: 9 Volt 
Power Consumption: 190 mA
Standby Power Consumption: Working Temperature Range: -20 +70 °C



Plug & Play. 

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